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The Beauty Archeo is a comedy fashion history podcast telling stories and educating listeners of the greatest figures and events of fashion, beauty, parties and scandals. In each episode, Professor Noir invites a new guest to discuss historical figures such as Marie Antoinette’s Hair craze to Coco Chanel’s Nazi affair in the 1930’s. Packed with a lot of laughs as well serious analysis, the show explores the roots and evolution of gender, class, and race under the context of fashion and the decorative arts. The Beauty Archeo is a fresh take on history and culture that surrounds us.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington D.C.

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    Under the Skirt: the brief history of men in skirts

    It’s the week after pride and there is so much tea. I sit down with artist Jason Edward Tucker as we discuss our views on men in dresses and skirts; subverting gender and understanding its power.

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    The Curl is in the Puddin

    We continue our conversation on black hair care, Madam C.J. Walker, and her legacy.

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    WRAP AND RIOT: from tingon laws to hair freedom

    This episode we sit down with fellow Full Service Radio podcast host Allison Lane of the show GTFO Radio. We share stories of laser hair removal and the hot summer days ahead. Then we dive deep into the history romance and fight for black hair and beauty standards-- starting with the laws enforced to hide black women’s hair to natural hair revolution.

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    CAMP: notes on a revolution

    Part 2 of our 2019 Met Gala assessment. We continue our conversation exploring the deeper meaning of “camp” style and its roots in social revolution.

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    First Monday: Met Gala History

    We sit down for singer and musician Mundy, the Andro space superstar. Then we put on the tea pot and talk all Met Gala; history, exhibitions, and of course, our favorite looks.

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    In this episode is mirrors and dust as we dove right into the New York club scene of 80’s and early 90’s. Guest Jaxknife, DC nightlife personality opens up about their love of the limelight stage and the icons that influenced the scene today

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    Runway on Fire: Prelude to McQueen

    Returning guest trans night life performer Ana Latour talks about the intense work of creating thought provoking drag performance art and her love of radical couture all leading up to an enticing discussion on Alexander McQueen. The late British couture designer created an catalog of art in fashion throughout his short but subversive career. Taking his life at the height of his success his legacy resonates with artist in all mediums to this day.

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    It Ain't Easy Being Green

    For this week's episode we talk life coaching and major fashion brands creating sustainable fashion products; who is real and who is not in their effort to create environmentally friend items. And of course, how to go green and look good doing it.

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    The Petticoat Brigade

    With guest Stephen Benedicto we talk about twin style among friends, multimedia art, and history lesson for the day; Harajuku Fashion.

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    Gay sailors sell perfume

    My travels to Colombia and the jungle and getting stopped by Colombian military. For the history the legend, the icon Jean Paul Gaultier; French haute couture designer that defied gender norms ethnic stereotypes giving a voice to underground street fashion and art in the 80’s and 90’s.

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    Boys On Film: LGBTQ Presence in fashion photography

    David La Chappelle, vibrant and exhuberant; Bruce Weber cool and hyper-sexed; Annie Leibovitz, introspective and majestic; three creators out of many who have change and evolved the image and presence of the lgbtq experience. Today we talk to gay photographer Cassidy Duhon about the history and future of this bold tradition.

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    Tearing down Walls

    On today’s episode we travel to Berlin in the 1980’s. With our switch blades in hand we explore the political and social unrest that sparked a generational artistic movement that still exists today.

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    KARL: The good, the bad, the glamour

    Jason invites fashion photographer Kate Warren to discuss the life of the late great Karl Lagerfeld. We are pulling all the couture skeletons out his closet.

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